Optical Testing

Optical Testing

Some of the testing offered here at OptiConsulting:

Luminous intensity, luminous intensity distribution,chromaticity and luminance measurements are directly traceable to national standards via our NPL calibrated lamps and are fully UKAS accredited.

  • Colour, CIE x,y chromaticity co-ordinates
  • Luminous intensity, candela
  • Luminous intensity distribution
  • Luminance, candela per square metre
  • Luminous flux, lumens
  • Illuminance, lux
  • Contrast ratio test
  • Sun phantom test
  • Transmittance
  • Haze
  • Optical deviation/distortion/secondary images
  • Accelerated lamp life testing
  • Optical characteristics as a function of temperature (optical cabinet)

If your requirement isn’t listed, please contact us.

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